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Morning Commute: Stephen Strasburg Buzz Will Continue After 'Strasmas'

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To piggyback off Miss Chatter's article for CSN Washington, I think we can officially say the "Strasmas" fad is over. Now, this is not the same as saying Stephen Strasburg's rise is over, because it most certainly is not.

But the buzz that surrounded Strasburg's debut this summer is probably never coming back. It can't. The buzz was too high, and now that we have an idea of what Strasburg is, he's a bit less intriguing. It's one thing to go see a dominant pitcher, but it's another to go see a complete unknown. Now that he's potentially completed his first season, we at least know what we're getting.

That said, as long as Strasburg can be a dominant starting pitcher, there will always be a buzz surrounding him. Maybe not a buzz like 'Strasmas,' but a buzz nonetheless. That's the effect of a dominant starting pitcher in any town, even D.C.

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