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Channel Surfing Guide: Aug. 25, 2010

Tonight's recommended options (all times EDT):

7:00 MASN2 - Cubs vs. Nationals. No, it's not an omen that Stephen Strasburg went on the DL against a team that once featured Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. Don't be a downer like that.

8:00, MASN - Orioles vs. White Sox. Is Ozzie Guillen managing better now that Jay Mariotti isn't on his case anymore? Only time will tell.

Sports movies and documentaries
6:00 & 8:30, ABC Family - Remember The Titans. The movie so nice, you can show it twice in a row apparently.

8:30, Versus - Tin Cup. It's a golf movie with a love story that doesn't involve 19 mistresses. What's not to like?

10:00, HBO - Hard Knocks. In this week's episode, watch as the Jets prepare for this week's game against the Redskins and take on the daunting challenge of going up against Rex Grossman and Willie Parker.

D.C. representin'
10:00, Bravo - "Top Chef: Washington D.C." We don't care how well they can make crème brulée, if they can't make a delectable half-smoke, we're not interested.

Watch athletes that used to be good
10:00, Spike -
"Pros Vs. Joes" This week's episode features Mike Vick, Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn. It should be a treat if you enjoyed watching NFC South football over the last decade.

Watch an everyday propane salesman try to be a football player
10:30, Cartoon Network - "King of the Hill" Hank tries to throw a football through an oversized Alamo beer can for $1 million. Unlike Albert Haynesworth, he actually prepares for this opportunity, despite having no guarantee of winning the money.