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Morning Commute: I'm Rooting For Anthony Armstrong

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

Here at SB Nation D.C., we've already sort of thrown our support behind wide receiver Anthony Armstrong. Back in early July, our Brian Murphy wrote this feature on Armstrong, noting him as a player to watch in training camp. Naturally, Armstrong has played extremely well since then, and now, he's on the doorstep of a roster spot.

But after reading more about Armstrong's journey to this point, I'm really rooting for him. Armstrong opened up about his past yesterday at Redskins Park, spurring great feature stories on him by Rich Campbell and John Keim. He invoked Robert Frost in a truly unique way, saying his road to the NFL was not "the road less traveled," but rather, the road that "was off to the side that you can't even see." The road included a stop in something called the Intense Football League -- where he practiced in a parking lot -- and a training camp with the Dolphins where he was cut without being told about it. Somehow, he persevered and is now poised to be a regular part of the wide receiver rotation.

How can you not root for a guy like that?

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On tap at SB Nation D.C.: Jake Whitacre writes about the importance of JaVale McGee, and Chris Needham will write about the purpose of the last month of the Nationals' season. I'll also have some thoughts about covering last night's Mystics' playoff game.