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Phillies Fan Is On Nyjer Morgan's Side

One of the fans who was in the stands when Nyjer Morgan threw that ball is coming to his defense, according Adam Kilgore.

Standing 30 or so feet away, Holman (the fan in question) wrote, Morgan lobbed the ball "rainbow-style" in the direction of the boy. The ball sailed over the boy and smacked a fan who was looking in a different direction in the shoulder.

"It wasn't even directed towards the heckler," Holman wrote. "It's unfortunate that the ball was overthrown, but it shouldn't be Morgan's fault that the one guy in the section who wasn't paying attention got hit, there were a number of us standing up trying to catch the ball."

Knowing what we know about Nyjer Morgan, this sounds much more reasonable than the version where he throws a ball directly at a fan in spite. This is the same guy who brought the silver wig! Hopefully video emerges of the incident, and it helps Nyjer get his suspension reduced, or eliminated entirely.