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VIDEO: George Mason Basketball Walks It Out In Italy

The George Mason basketball team was in Italy this week, playing an exhibition game against GMZ Ghezzano (in which they rolled) and taking in the local culture; which apparently includes whatever this is.

That guy on the right (as if I need to specify) is Vertrail Vaughns, a red-shirt freshman at Mason. His competitor, is a fan of the Italian club the Patriots faced known simply as "Ferro."

I break it down, move by move, after the jump.

(H/T: George Mason Blog, Steinberg)

The real action starts at (1:45) when Ferro ends a pop and lock session by throwing his hat at Vertrail. If there was any doubt before that it was on, this settles it. Because it's very clearly on.

(2:00) this is what I like to call the Michael Jackson portion of the video. Perhaps an homage to the King of Pop, but we're getting a lot of crotch grabbing and kicking in this portion.

(2:20) Alright Ferro, why don't you just relax a little.

(3:00) This is the exact type of break dancing I expect to see from a guy who looks like this. That is to say, not that good.

(3:20) Aww, what a nice moment. So many dance battles end with serious bodily harm and injury, it's good to know this one was just for fun.

(3:25) The battle is declared a tie, which I was initially outraged about. But then I remembered that this is soccer territory and all their matches end like that.