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Nationals Not Second-Guessing The Way They Brought Stephen Strasburg Along

There was a lot being made of the way that the Nationals brought Stephen Strasburg along. They treated him with kid gloves from day one, in the hopes of avoiding the exact type of thing they had to announce this morning.

Even though it didn't work, and Strasburg will likely require Tommy John surgery, the Nationals are not second-guessing the timetable and restrictions they set for him. "He was developed and cared for the correct way," Nats' GM Mike Rizzo said in a conference call, "We're good with that. Frustrated, yes. Second-guessing ourselves, no."

The Nationals were extremely careful with Strasburg from day one, and every report claims this is the type of injury that could have happened on one pitch. So while they might be upset that it happened, their plan can not be considered the reason why.