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Scott Boras Weighs In On Stephen Strasburg's Injury

Stephen Strasburg's agent, Scott Boras, just happened to be at Nationals' Park last night because he also represents Bryce Harper, whom the Nats introduced earlier in the day. Adam Kilgore has his response to Strasburg's injury, his reaction, and the likely surgery that awaits.

"It was surprising," Boras said this afternoon in a telephone conversation. "Stephen felt good. He felt like he could continue to throw after it happened That's not unusual among elite athletes who have strength and flexibility beyond the norm.

"Obviously, it's really disappointing as far as what his current plan was. We sat down, had to map out a new focus for the next 12 months. We'll consult with some doctors and develop a plan to get this resolved. We've got high probability for a successful return."

Boras also reiterated his faith in the plan that the Nationals laid out during their conference call Friday morning.

"The plan that Mike Rizzo and Stephen and I sat down and devised was exactly what the Nationals did," Boras said. "There's no issue as to anything about the plan. This is just an unfortunate even that occurs with pitchers. It happened with one pitch. There's no notice to any of this. As far as Stephen's treatment and the conservatism applied by all of us, it was done in the greatest of caution."