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Grossman Hands The Jets A Safety, Lead It 6-5 At Halftime

It’s looking much like a baseball score in the first half after Rex Grossman fumbled a snap out of his own endzone, giving the Jets a safety and cutting the deficit to 6-5 at halftime.

Grossman was in the shotgun on second and long with 2:00 remaining in the half and bobbled a snap from center Casey Rabach. The ball went over his head and Grossman kicked the ball out of the endzone to prevent a Jets touchdown.

Grossman’s first half stat line: 8-16, 111 yards and a pair of fumbles. Willie Parker, in his last-ditch effort to make the final roster, has eight carries for 16 yards.

The Redskins run defense is giving up about 7.4 yards per carry, which continues the alarming trend of porous rushing defense.