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NFL Preseason: Redskins Outlast The Jets 16-11

Larry Johnson asked for more of role in the second half of preseason games this year.

He got his wish tonight against the Jets, getting three key touches in a five-play, fourth quarter drive including a 15-yard reception for a TD that put the Redskins ahead 16-11.

Washington’s defense preserved the lead as defensive lineman Darrion Scott stripped Mark Brunell of the football with two minutes to play and cornerback Kevin Barnes recovered, allowing the Redskins to run out the clock and enjoy a win.

The Jets loss won’t sit well with Rex Ryan who played his starters deep into the second half. Mark Sanchez threw a TD pass to Dustin Keller in the fourth quarter and only after that did Ryan pull his starting offense. He clearly wanted to win the game, but his second-team failed to hold on to the lead.

The Redskins’ rushing offense struggled to get untracked once again tonight, but Johnson led the way with nine rushes for 42 yards for just under 4.7 yards per carry.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will be pleased with at least one aspect of his defense’s performance. Despite some issues against the run, the Redskins continued to generate turnovers. DeAngelo Hall intercepted a pass and the defense forced four fumbles, recovering three of them.