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John Wall Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine, Crossed Up By A High Schooler

Over the past few months, YouTube has given us plenty of highlights of John Wall making high schoolcollege and pro-level players look flat out silly. To date, we haven't seen a lot of Wall on the wrong end of highlights, but one high schooler did something about that:

The player in the orange shorts in Austin Rivers, son of Celtics' coach Doc Rivers and brother of former Georgetown guard Jeremiah Rivers. Currently, he's the top ranked player of the class of 2011, according to Rivals, so rest assured, John Wall was not embarrassed by some slouch. 

Find out how Wall and Rivers responded after the highlight move.

To Rivers' credit, he did his best to avoid fanning the flames in an interview after the game and pointing out that John Wall got him back later in the game, which you can see in the video:

Regardless of whether or not there's any bad blood between the two, this probably won't be the last time we see the two going at it.