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Report: Dunn Likely Headed To Free Agency

There's just over a month left in the regular season and the Nationals still haven't come to an agreement with Adam Dunn on a new contract as he enters final weeks of his contract. With little progress over the past few weeks, it appears Adam Dunn will likely be heading to free agency, according to Adam Kilgore:

Dunn leaves negotiations to his representatives and generally avoids updates from them, but he said Friday nothing is imminent and he is "assuming" he will end the season without a contract extension from the Nationals. The Nationals can offer one-year arbitration to Dunn and they will have an exclusive window to negotiate with Dunn until 15 days after the World Series. But players eligible for free agency rarely pass up the chance to test their value.

According to Kilgore's report, Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo says Stephen Strasburg's recent injury has not had any effect on the negotiations with Dunn. However, it will be interesting to see if Dunn still wants to hang around with a team whose window has been pushed back for at least a year as a result of Stephen Strasburg's likely upcoming Tommy John surgery.