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Redskins Training Camp: Albert Haynesworth Doesn't Take Conditioning Test Again

Another day has passed, and once again, Albert Haynesworth is not practicing with the team. He again decided to rest his sore knee instead of taking the conditioning test, according to Jason Reid. 

There is concern that Haynesworth will never be able to pass the test, and while Mike Shanahan did leave the door open for Haynesworth to practice even without passing it, he's reportedly still sure that he's doing the right thing by subjecting Haynesworth this way. 

Although Shanahan on Monday said he may consider letting Haynesworth practice at some point if he continues to fail the test, he is nowhere close to changing his stance on what Haynesworth _ who skipped all but one day of Shanahan's first offseason program _ must do to return to work on a full-time basis, people familiar with Shanahan's thinking said. Shanahan is confident he is taking the correct stance with Haynesworth in an effort to help the two-time all-pro maximize his ability and production for the team.

But Haynesworth never has fared well in these types of conditioning tests, he told friends recently. Unless Haynesworth's knee heals soon and he quickly passes the test, it appears the process could drag on for some time.