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Donovan McNabb May Miss Season Opener Against Cowboys

It is unknown whether it is a bit of gamesmanship on coach Mike Shanahan's part, or true worry, but the head coach of the Washington Redskins now sounds doubtful that quarterback Donovan McNabb will recover from his foot injury in time for the season opener. Both ESPN and the Washingon Post covered a conversation with Shanahan following Friday's win over the New York Jets in which he issued the following statement about the health of McNabb and his ability to start against the Cowboys:

"I really don't know for sure," Shanahan said Sunday. "That's why it's day by day. We'll see how it goes."

This is an obviously worrying development for Redskins fans, as McNabb's health is critical to the team and any chances it has of making the playoffs this year. However, there is as much chance that this is "coachspeak" and McNabb will be ready to play for the opener. Mike Shanahan may want to fool the Dallas Cowboys for as long as he can before opening kickoff.