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PHOTOS: Monumental Sports And Entertainment's New Banner


That's a picture of the new banner advertising Monumental Sports and Entertainment, Ted Leonsis' new group that owns the Wizards, Capitals, Mystics and the Verizon Center. From left to right, that's Alex Ovechkin, Andray Blatche, Crystal Langhorne, Beyonce and Georgetown's Chris Wright. 

It's a snazzy new banner, that's for sure. But I have two questions. One, why is Blatche the featured Wizard instead of John Wall? My only guess is that it's because they don't have any good pictures of Wall in a Wizards jersey yet, but that's complete conjecture. The other question: why is Georgetown buried on the poster? I'm sure Georgetown fans won't take too kindly to that.

(Picture via Casual Hoya. Below the jump, a different angle, via Truth About It).