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No. 1 Good Counsel Defeats St. Xavier 21-6

No.1-ranked Good Counsel rallied in the fourth quarter on Saturday to defeat Ohio's St. Xavier, 21-7. Wide receiver Stefon Diggs was the difference maker for the team, making three interceptions on the defensive end and gaining valuable yardage is his primary position as wide receiver to cement the final score.

Diggs had a Madden-like day overall, finishing with five catches for 91 yards, two sacks, and three interceptions. His one miscue in the first quarter in which he was burned on a route by a receiver to put St. Xavier up 6-0 was quickly negated by his ensuing contributions.

Good Counsel won despite losing starting running Wes Brown in the first half due to a leg injury. The defense was especially tenacious throughout the game, forcing seven turnovers, and limiting the scoring opportunities of the opposition. Good Counsel will go on to play two more out-of-state opponents in the coming weeks before kicking off their local schedule on Sept. 24 against unranked O'Connell. The real test for Good Counsel will take place on October 8th, where they will face traditional rival and No. 2-ranked DeMatha.