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Rob Dibble Continues To Host Sirius XM Radio Show

If Rob Dibble is indeed on vacation from broadcasting Nationals games instead of suspended, one would think he would be on vacation from all his gigs. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. As Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post noted, Dibble was on the air yesterday for his usual morning Sirius XM MLB Network Radio show.  

Predictably, Dibble still wasn't backing down from the backlash he received last week. 

"If Nolan Ryan told you to pitch with a little bit of pain...would you listen to him? And it's only because people hate me and hate that it comes from my mouth -- that you're going to have to learn your body and have to play through certain pain and injury -- that people hate it. But if Nolan Ryan told a pitcher in that organization, [or if Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux] came on here and said, 'Pitch as long as you can pitch, we'll let you know when you're done," you would listen.    

He also said that it "cracks him up" that there are those who out there who believe that people shouldn't listen to "an ex-baseball player" like him. I guess this means he still hasn't apologized.