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Nationals Fall 1-0 In Extra Innings In Game Marred By Another Nyjer Morgan Controversy

It was another difficult night for the Nationals, as they fell 1-0 in extra innings, spoiling a spectacular one-hit start by Jordan Zimmermann in his second game back from Tommy John surgery. It was the kind of game that should be a positive, because even though they lost, Zimmermann pitched well.

Instead, the game was marred by another controversial play by Nyjer Morgan.

With the score tied at 0 in the top of the tenth inning, Morgan tried to score from second base on a fielder's choice ground ball from Adam Kennedy. He came rounding third, and the throw to catcher Brett Hayes beat him by several feet. But it was also high, so Morgan had a chance to beat the throw if he slid underneath Hayes.

Except, he didn't. Just like he did on Saturday, when he slammed into Cardinals catcher Brian Anderson, Morgan instead barreled into Hayes and tried to run through him. It didn't work, and the Marlins scored in the bottom of the inning to win the game. 

Manager Jim Riggleman benched Morgan after the episode on Saturday, which Morgan took issue with. Yesterday, Morgan also told Mark Zuckerman that "next time, I'll slide." Next time happened, and Morgan did not slide. It remains to be seen what Riggleman decides to do with Morgan now.