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Washington Post Suspends Mike Wise For One Month After He Tweeted Fake News

Well-known Washington Post columnist Mike Wise made waves yesterday when he decided to put fake news on Twitter as part of an experiment to prove how people will report on rumors without checking their validity. Most people, however, were not amused.

As it turns out, neither was his employer. Wise has been suspended for one month by the Washington Post for his actions. He announced the punishment on his radio show on 106.7 The Fan earlier this morning. 

Wise was suspended because he posted three "fake" news items on his Twitter account yesterday afternoon. First, he posted that Ben Roethlisberger would be suspended for five games by the NFL, and he later followed that up by posting about the injury status of Donovan McNabb and the roster status of Malcolm Kelly.

He later apologized for his actions, both on his Twitter account and in an interview with Press Coverage, where he admitted that, if he were to do this again, he would find "another way" to conduct his experiment.