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Morning Commute: Is Clinton Portis Too Exposed?

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Clinton Portis likes to talk. Throughout his tenure on the Washington Redskins, Portis has been one of the go to Redskins for quotes, and his postgame dress-up antic a few years back became the highlight of the season. However, since those halcyon days of humor and success, Portis can't seem to control his mouth. Whether its comments about former Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell, feuding with LaVar Arrington, or being questioned over his cozy relationship with owner Daniel Snyder, Portis just can't keep himself from talking.

Recently, Portis sat down for an epic interview with CSN, which was brilliantly skewered by Dan Steinberg. The question is, what is the tipping point for Clinton Portis? He hasn't been a premier back in the NFL for the past four seasons. He is being pushed in training camp by a newly committed Larry Johnson.  And yet, Clinton Portis keeps talking.

Perhaps it's time for Washington media members to go on a self-imposed Clinton Portis blackout. As much as I love the quotes, I rather the man do the damage on the field rather than off it. So let's take the microphone and notepads away from Portis, let him concentrate on his blocking schemes and try and get quotes from new sources.

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