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Terrence Austin Is A Big John Wall Fan

I was out at Redskins Park today to talk to Terrence Austin, the team's seventh-round draft pick this year that's trying to make the team as a backup receiver and kick/punt returner. I'll be writing more about him later, but since it's in our contracts to talk about D.C. athletes supporting one another, I have to point out that Austin is a huge fan of John Wall, even though he admitted he's really not a fan of basketball. 

"One of my best friends is Russell Westbrook," Austin told me today. "Me and him hung out [at UCLA] - my roomate is actually his cousin - so we watched the games all the time. We would be on the computer skyping each other, watching the game, and we would just watch John Wall. I finally got a chance to watch him play, and I was like 'This kid is good!'" 

Austin said he previously only watched basketball to check out his buddy Westbrook, but now, he's made Wall must-see TV.

"I'm not a basketball fan, but anytime Russell's on the court, anytime John Wall's on the court, I'm like, 'Why not,'" he said.

Austin admitted he's planning to come out and watch Wall when Westbrook's Thunder come to town. But while Austin is a big John Wall fan, he's an even bigger fan of his buddy.

"Russell's a baller. Anybody else, I think they'd be in trouble [against Wall], but Russell can handle it," he said.

Your move, John.