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(Mid)-Morning Commute: An Adam Dunn Reality Check

Everything you need to know about D.C. Sports in one place.

Thanks to two home runs against the Diamondbacks last night, Adam Dunn now leads the NL in round-trippers. And that's ... wow.

I know, this isn't exactly profound, but it's kind of crazy to even consider. I realize Dunn is over 30, and I realize why one could argue it was important to trade him. But even though it's not rational, there's something about just letting the NL leader in home runs go that makes me uneasy. 

I know, that's not much analysis, but it's late. Let's get onto the links:

Today's must-reads from around the SB Nation network:

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  • Black and Red United has some thoughts on D.C. United's decision to fire coach Curt Onalfu yesterday.
  • What's the best-case scenario for Maryland football this season? Testudo Times breaks it down.
  • Federal Baseball has one last breakdown of the Nationals' decisions leading up to the MLB trade deadline.
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