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Report: Adam Dunn Claimed On Waivers, Significantly Lessening Chances Of A Trade

There wasn't much of a chance Adam Dunn would go elsewhere anyway at this pount, not after the July 31 Non-Waiver Trade Deadline passed. Now, those slim chances are even more slim.

FOX Sports' Jon Morosi is reporting Dunn did not clear waivers because a team claimed him. It's not yet clear which team that is, but this means the Nationals can only deal him to that team by Monday. Considering the Nationals couldn't get a deal done with 29 suitors, they probably won't get one done with just one.

The team's other options are to let the claimed team have him or pull him back. Giving him to the other team would literally be giving him away for nothing, so expect him to come back once and for all.