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Redskins Training Camp: Fred Davis Looking For An Even Bigger Breakout Year

After Chris Cooley was lost to a broken ankle for the remainder of the season in week seven last year, then second year tight end Fred Davis enjoyed somewhat of a coming out party. He registered 31 catches in the second half of the season, and finished with six touchdowns on the season; after only three catches and no scores in his first campaign.

Now, entering his thrid season with the Redskins, Davis is looking to become an even bigger part of the offense, according to Ryan O'Halloran of CSN Washington .

Before: “I was like, ‘If you throw me out there, I’ll make some plays.”

Now: “If I’m given the opportunity, I feel I would dominate.”

But there is one, big, two time pro-bowl, obstacle in his way. But with all the wrinkles, and folds, and creases in the new redskins offensive playbook being installed by Kyle Shanahan, there should be room for both.

“Fred and I both have the goal to be on the field as much as possible,” Cooley said. “We think the two of us benefit this team.”

Said (Tight Ends coach John) Embree: “It will depend on how we match up against the team we’re going against. If there are favorable formations and personal groups, you’ll see it more. Kyle and Mike have always had tight end-friendly offenses.”

Conventional wisdom says that there should be but one tight end on the field at any time. But if Fred Davis emerges as one of the best pass catchers on the team, the coaching Shanahans will surely find a way to utilize him.