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WizzNutzz, Mike James And Benga: Social Media Across Continents

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What happens when the WizzNutzz, from the Wheaton Circuit City, interact with Mike James, in Kenya, Africa, all through the magic of Twitter.

The WizzNutzz used to be bloggers. Well, they still are, but very dormant ... yet still active members of the interweb via social media via Twitter. There are often times when the blog world and the media world intersect, the obvious example would be any of the local bloggers covering teams with credentials and interviewing players. It's a gray world, but sometimes lines are drawn. They're not letting Terez Owens into an NFL locker room. And our friends the WizzNutzz, well, they've been banned from the locker room since the stolen Jahidi White thong incident. But that hasn't stopped them from recently interacting with a Wizard, well, former Wizard ... and advising him on a musical selection ... continents apart ... all thanks to Twitter. 

Recently, Mike James took a mission trip to Kenya ... went to orphanages, ministered some kids, taught them some b-ball. And he took Twitter with him.

@MikeJames7 - August 3

it was great ministerin2 these kids,and teachin them the game of bball.they didnt know how to hold the ball.they looked atme like iwas crazy

And ... - (same day)

itaught kenyans the game of bball at an orphanage,i asked the question who knows kobe bryant1 person raised hand.can u imagine how that went

It wasn't long until the WizzNutzz, all the way in Wheaton, Maryland (me thinks from the Circuit City graveyard) caught wind of James' good deeds and provided him with some musical consultation.

@WZZNTZZ - Aug. 4

.@mikejames7 buy benga CDs! u'll be dancin the funk rite off u hottt body. +good barter when CID arests u 4no reason

@MikeJames7 - Aug. 4

@wzzntzz what is benga cds, have u been 2 africa.

@WZZNTZZ - Aug. 4

benga is a style of Kenyan music. ask anybody there. it smokin! RT @mikejames7: @wzzntzz what is benga cds

And ...

benga jams for @mikejames7

And later on ...

@WZZNTZZ - Aug. 5

@mikejames7 gonna jam some benga today?

@MikeJames7 - Aug. 5

Already benga benga RT @wzzntzz: @mikejames7 gonna jam some benga today?

To conclude ...

@WZZNTZZ - Aug. 5

benga is a music style, not a place, but we share a benga state of mind w/ @mikejames7 RT @6_oconnor_7: @wzzntzz are you with mike at benga?

And if Mike James has been enlightened to benga, you should too.