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Morning Commute: Should Mike Shanahan Take Joe Gibbs' Advice

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As the Albert Haynesworth saga drags on, you can't help but wonder whether coach Mike Shanahan is doing the right thing. Yes, he's in a tough spot. Yes, Haynesworth deserves to be scolded. But has it gotten to the point where Shanahan is being too stubborn with Haynesworth?

Joe Gibbs might say yes. John Keim of the Washington Examiner passed along this reminder in his article on Haynesworth today.

Shanahan is trying to remake a guy who already has been formed. Joe Gibbs used to say, when others would tell him he could change someone, "What makes you think I can do it in one year when he's been that way for 20?" Point being, this is who he is. If Shanahan indeed wants to push him as no one has ever done before, as Jason Reid of the Washington Post wrote this morning, then I can't see how it's going to work.

It's a good reminder from the legend. Sometimes, coaches need to compromise in order to move forward. 

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