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Andy Roddick Falls Meekly At Legg Mason Tennis Classic

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Yesterday's rain-shortened session at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic featured some pretty shocking results. Most notably, second-seeded Andy Roddick, arguably the favorite here, was absolutely obliterated by unseeded French player Gilles Simon.

Roddick ended up losing 6-3 6-3, and afterwards, he had no excuses for his poor play. Via Liz Clarke of the Washington Post:

"I don't have much of a defense for it, said Roddick, 27, a three-time Legg Mason champion. "I didn't feel right physically. I didn't feel right mentally. It was a pretty bad effort."

And he revealed that he has become somewhat worried about a sluggishness and lack of vigor he has been feeling of late that he can't quite pinpoint - something he intends to get diagnosed in short order.

"Playing like tonight - feeling lethargy and not all there -that's not fun for me," Roddick said. "I promise you, I'm going to figure this out before I do THAT again. That's not what I built my reputation on right there."

Clearly, Roddick's lethargy is still a problem, based on the way he played last night.

Roddick was not the only big name to lose yesterday, as fellow Americans John Isner and Mardy Fish also went down.

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