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Snyder: Russ Grimm Deserves It

Following a charity event today, Redskins owner Dan Snyder spoke with the media for a minutes about the organization. While he predictably refused to answer questions related to Albert Haynesworth, Snyder was happy to talk about Russ Grimm's induction into the Hall Of Fame tomorrow.

Via Ryan O'Halloran:

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Snyder said. “I’m looking forward to the after-party with Russ and all of the Hall of Famers from the Redskins and we’re excited about it.”

Snyder said he sent Grimm a “nice and shiny” watch that he presents to all Redskins who enter the Hall of Fame.

“He deserved it,” Snyder said of Grimm’s induction. “He’s been a great player. He’s just a fantastic guy and we’re thrilled for him. It’s exciting and a big day for the Redskins tomorrow.”

Snyder will be representing the Redskins organization in Canton tomorrow, along with General Manager Bruce Allen. Grimm will be introduced by his former offensive line coach Joe Bugel.