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Nyjer Morgan Placed On The DL

According to numerous reports, Washington Nationals starting centerfielder Nyjer Morgan was placed on the 15 day disabled list on Thursday due to a right hip flexor injury. The hip had been bothering Morgan all season, but the pain had increased greatly in the last few days, so much so that he's been out of the starting lineup since Tuesday. 

Nationals Insider's Mark Zuckerman talked to Morgan about the injury, which he doesn't seem to consider that serious,

Asked for an update on his condition before tonight's game, Morgan suggested reporters talk to team officials first, though he insisted he felt well enough to attempt to play    

While the team will miss the speed and intensity of Nyjer, his absence will provide Michael Morse and Roger Bernadina a much needed chance to play together in the outfield on a fairly regular basis. Also, reserve outfielders Justin Maxwell and Willie Harris will get more of an opportunity to start games where there previously had been little. 

There have currently been no decisions as to whom the Nationals will call up from the minors to fill out their 25 man roster, but speculation at this point is that newly acquired catcher Wilson Ramos might be on the team's short list.