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Albert Haynesworth Finally Passes His Conditioning Test On Day 10 Of Training Camp

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Washington D.C., the long, national nightmare is finally over. Albert Haynesworth has been cleared to practice after completing his conditioning test this morning. Jason Reid has the details:

On Day 10 of the Haynesworth Watch, the two-time All-Pro on his fourth attempt completed the two, timed 300-yard shuttle runs required by Coach Mike Shanahan in order for him to join in all team activities. Two sources familiar with the results said Haynesworth completed the two sprints in the allotted time of 70 seconds for the first set and 73 on the second with a break in between.

Haynesworth, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and strength coach Ray Wright appeared pleased as they walked off the field together. Asked how Haynesworth fared on the sprints Saturday morning, Wright responded, "Good run." Haslett, who has been prohibited by team officials from speaking with the media until Haynesworth passes the test, gave two thumbs up before entering the complex's main building.

According to Rick Maese, Haynesworth completed the two shuttle runs in 66 and 70 seconds, which means Haynesworth completed both runs with time to spare.

Now that Haynesworth has completed his conditioning test, he can focus on his next challenge: Learning the 3-4 defense. After missing the team's first 15 practices, he has a lot of catching up to do.