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Some Enshrinement Morning Links On Russ Grimm

Today's the big day for Russ Grimm, so a lot of local media outlets are talking with Russ Grimm and people close to him about his time with the Redskins. Here are some good reads in anticipation of tonight's enshrinement ceremony.

With Joe Bugel set to be present Russ Grimm at tonight's ceremony, Jason Cole takes a look at the relationship between Bugel and one of his top Hogs.

Dan Steinberg is in Canton this weekend and wrote about the origin of the Hogs and why they still matter today.

Matt Terl from the Redskins blog is also up in Canton to write about this weekend's festivities. He has photos of Russ receiving his Hall of Fame watch and his thoughts on the Dallas fans who are also in Canton this weekend to see Emmitt Smith enshrined.