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Is Russ Grimm Part Of The Best Hall Of Fame Class Ever?

Russ Grimm is already known for being part of arguably the best offensive line in NFL history, but he just might be a part of the best Hall of Fame induction class since the Hall opened in 1963.

Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith are the headliners of this year's class and with John Randle, Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little and Rickey Jackson entering Canton as well, it makes for a very well-rounded class. Of course, every class is extremely well-rounded (it is the Hall of Fame, after all) but Andy Hutchins makes the argument this year's class could be the best class we've seen since the original class:

A hypothetical future class that could rival this one likely won't have four players at separate positions as accomplished as Rice, Smith, Russ Grimm and John Randle, though. Grimm played in four Super Bowls, winning three, while anchoring the "Hogs" that opened so many holes for Redskins running backs in the 1980s. Randle is perhaps the greatest defensive tackle in NFL history; his 137.5 career sacks leads all tackles. Combined, the six members of the class-Rice, Smith, LeBeau, Randle, Little, and Rickey Jackson-have 12 Super Bowl rings, and ten as players. (LeBeau's two have come as a coach.) An average of two rings per inductee is going to be hard to top.

So is the class' two Dancing With The Stars titles, but it's doubtful that either Rice or Smith will be touting that in their speeches.

It may not be the most Redskin-centric class ever inducted -- hello 2008! -- but it might be the strongest. Just try not to think too long about all of the class playing together on a team. The thought of Russ Grimm blocking for Emmitt Smith isn't something you'll want to think about for too long, trust me.