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Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett Says Haynesworth Will Start Out At Nose Tackle

Now, that Albert Haynesworth has passed his conditioning test, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has broken his silence and has opened up about Haynesworth's role in his 3-4 defense.

According to Rich CampbellRick Maese and John Keim, Haslett said today that Haynesworth will start out learning the nose tackle position, which as you may remember, was a point of a contention during the off-season. Haynesworth is finally practicing with the team, but the coaching staff hasn't changed their stance on Haynesworth's position in the defense.

Furthermore, when asked about Haynesworth's spot in the defense, here's what Haslett had to say:

"He really has no say in that."

Ouch!Although Haslett also said Haynesworth will be learning both end spots in the 3-4, it looks like Haynesworth won't be where he wants to be, unless his attitude has softened as of late.

Everything seemed to be happy-go-lucky for Haynesworth and everyone else in Ashburn today, but for now, no one is really sure how long the good times will last.