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Russ Grimm Delivers Hall Of Fame Speech

"There's no greater feeling than moving a man from Point A to Point B, against his will."

Such was the trademark line of Russ Grimm's speech Saturday night as he became the first Hog to be inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame.

The Redskins legend was rightfully introduced by his former offensive line coach Joe Bugel (as transcribed by Dan Steinberg):

"He was legit," Bugel said. "Nothing phony about the guy. He could play with pain and injury. I love and respect the young man, and I'll go to my grave saying that. It's like I had a son, and my son was inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Grimm's speech was short and sweet, and provided several nice moments. The best moment came when Grimm said during the speech that he would be embroidering the names of his fellow offensive lineman on the inside of his Hall of Fame jacket. A classy remark from a classy player.