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Morning Commute: Belated Congratulations To Albert Haynesworth

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Congratulations, Albert Haynesworth! We at SB Nation D.C. never did get the chance to give you kudos for finally passing the conditioning test, so we're doing it now. For the record, I still am angry at you for the way you treated the team and your teammates this winter, and I'm on record saying that Mike Shanahan handled the situation correctly.

But I'm proud for you, because now we can finally move on from this distraction. I know there's more damage control to be done, and I don't want to pretend like everything's all fixed now. But the longer this whole saga dragged out, the more worried I was about how it would affect the team going forward. I was almost to the point where I just wanted Shanahan to relent so we could move on. Thankfully, you finally passed the thing.

I'm not sure whether it was your intention to distract your teammates' attention. I'm not sure if you have simply realized how immature you were this winter. But at this point, I really don't care. You've finally passed, and now, it's on you to produce. If you do, I'll root for you again. Yes, even after all of this.

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