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Jammal Brown Sits Out Practice Once Again

Jammal Brown participated in some sideline training today, but didn't put on the pads and didn't practice with the team according to multiple reports. Brown has been sidelined for the last five days with a hip injury.

Rich Campbell:

Yep, Malcolm sat out team drills. So did Jammal Brown. Quite inauspicious

Shanahan hopes Jammal Brown will be back in a few days

Shanahan on Brown: It's too early to be concerned.

Ryan O"Halloran

4. Shanahan said it's too early to be concerned about Brown, citing clean MRI last week. But he's missing valuable practice time with Hicks.

This is obviously troubling for the Redskins, as positional depth is a problem that could plague the team all season. Hopefully, this will only turn out to be a minor setback, and Brown will be back on the field in the next few days.