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Redskins Training Camp: Official Depth Chart Reveals Several Surprises

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Disclaimer: it's early, and this depth chart is subject to change. But it's also hanging on the Redskins' locker room right now, so it's legitimate. It also reveals some interesting surprises to fans who maybe have not tuned in closely to training camp.

Among the interesting surprises:

  • Albert Haynesworth is listed as the second-team nose tackle. Okay, that's not much of a surprise.
  • This is a surprise: not only are Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly not listed as starters, but they're not even the first backup either. That's right, they're currently listed as the third-team receiving duo. Thomas is behind Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams at one wide receiver slot, while Kelly is listed behind Santana Moss and little-known Anthony Armstrong at the other. Yup, we've reached the point where Roydell Williams and Anthony Armstrong are ahead of the two receivers of the future.
  • Willie Parker is currently listed behind Ryan Torrain as the third running back. It's early, but that's a very bad sign for Parker's chances of making the team.
  • Andre Carter is currently listed ahead of Lorenzo Alexander at one outside linebacker spot, but sources tell Jason Reid of the Washington Post that both are even right now. 
  • Justin Tryon is listed well behind every other cornerback on the depth chart, while Kevin Barnes is listed on the second team behind DeAngelo Hall.
  • Phillip Buchanan is slated first on the kick return spot, while Thomas is currently listed as the punt returner.