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Morning Commute: Navy Football Deserves Your Attention

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There's an area college football team that everyone should be watching ... and it's not Maryland. That isn't to say that you should stop following Maryland if you already do, nor is it to say that you must restrict your local college football viewing to one team. But if you're like me and you're not a diehard college football fan, then you best be checking out Navy if you can.

Last year was an outstanding year for the Midshipmen, and this year should be even better. Heisman Trophy candidate Ricky Dobbs is back, looking to build on an outstanding junior season that saw him run and pass for over 1,000 yards and score 27 touchdowns despite playing hurt. A number of promising running backs join him in Navy's triple-option attack, which will surely confuse many, many teams this year. It's an unconventional attack, and it works. 

If Navy can beat Maryland on Labor Day, they could put together a truly special season. Their schedule is soft, and they get Notre Dame at home this year. What happens if they go undefeated, which is not outside the realm of possibility? What happens if Dobbs has an even better year than he did last year? If so, don't be surprised if it's Navy and Dobbs that get the most national buzz of any area team.

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