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NFL Depth Charts: Byron Westbrook Has Not Been Cut Despite Previous Report

It has been a confusing morning once again on Twitter, as a tweet by Adam Schefter that Byron Westbrook has been cut by the Redskins was openly questioned and then refuted by Rick Maese of the Washington Post.

Here is a taken transcript of what has happened thus far:

Original Tweet:

Many wanted RB Brian Westbrook to sign with Washington to play with brother Byron. But Redskins released Westbrook. No Wash Westbrooks now.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


And here is when things start getting interesting after Maese jumps in:

RT @Russellmania09: Byron Westbrook says via text he is unsure if he has been released and "my stuff is still here, so IDK" #redskinsless than a minute ago via web

That sure seems like Redskins told Adam Schefter before they told Byron Westbrook. Hopefully we'll learn later that that's not the case.less than a minute ago via web

Something funny with this Byron Westbrook story. Hopefully we clear it up soon. But no one seems to be aware of his release except Schefterless than a minute ago via web

Confirmed: Byron Westbrook is still a member of the Redskins. He's making the trip to Arizona today and will play in Thursday's gameless than a minute ago via web


Now, obviously we are all a little sensitive about the accuracy of Twitter reporting since the Mike Wise firestorm that erupted earlier this week. Hopefully, Schefter just received some bad information from a source.

However, the problem with the original tweet for Schefter was that it stated that Westbrook had been released as a fact instead of a rumor. Hopefully, Schefter will resolve this situation sooner rather than later.