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Redskins Under Investigation By NFLPA For Hall Davis Trade

The Washington Redskins may have gotten up to some hijinks with their trade involving recently-cut defensive lineman Hall Davis and a prior trade involving tight end Dennis Morris. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, both the Redskins and the St. Louis Rams are under investigation by the NFLPA for attempting to circumvent the little-known "85 percent" rule.

In layman's terms - any rookie that is drafted by an NFL team is owed 85 percent of his salary if subsequently cut by the team which drafted him. By trading Davis to the Redskins, and having him cut by Washington rather than St. Louis, the Rams save $272,00. Further, the Redskins will save the same $272,000 dollars owed to Morris, who was traded to the Rams earlier in the week and is also expected to be cut.

Obviously, money shenanigans are the last thing that Washington needs hanging over it's head, especially since owner Daniel Snyder continues to receive flak over his willingness to sue season ticket holders. If the Redskins are making trades in over to avoid paying a measly $272,000, while still employing Albert Haynesworth, I am going to be very disappointed in the organization.