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Morning Commute: Here Comes Football

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

This is the last commute before the Redskins play the Cowboys on Sunday night. This is the last time you will ready this column when the Redskins are still 0-0, and right now they have as good a shot as anybody (save for the Saints, I guess) to win a Super Bowl.

That's the type of excitement professional teams build up before the season.With the additions the team made this winter, fans expect the Redskins to be a much better club than they were last year. I expect them to be better as well, but as soon as they play, we have to cap those expectations. The team will no longer be theoretical.

No matter what happens this weekend, we'll be able to see what this Redskins team looks like, and be able to form more informed opinions about their chances this coming season. We will see what they do well, and we will see the issues they might have that could pose problems to them down the line.

Even if they look good, which they have the potential to do, actual performance can never live up to the dream scenario of fans who have spent all summer growing their expectations. The Saints are the super bowl champs, and they beat the Vikings in a re-match of the NFC Championship Game last night; and even they didn't look all that good.

So enjoy today and tomorrow. It's always a thrill to see your team for the first time of the year, but don't get too down on them if they don't live up to your wildest dreams.

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