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Albert Haynesworth Lines Up With The Scout Squad

The saga of Albert Haynesworth continues to get stranger by the day.  Chris Cooley made an appearance on "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 this morning, and told the hosts that Haynesworth has been lining up against the first team offense this week in preparation for Sunday's game against Dallas. The problem with that: those players are normally "scout" squad players, or individuals who are not expected to be starters or even likely to dress for the game.  Rich Tandler of Real Redskins further clarifies the role of the scout team:

Re Haynesworth on #Redskins scout team: approx 22 players on scout team, 7 players are inactive. Non-starters work scout team.

As all things Haynesworth tend to do, Cooley's comment created a firestorm amongst local media covering the team. Cooley's brother Tanner immediately accused the media (more specifically Redskins Insider) of attempting to turn the story into something it was not:

@RedskinsInsider D) because you need a body out there to give you a good look. Stop trying to spin this.

It remains to be see whether Haynesworth is line up with the scout team to get more reps, whether he really is second string, or whether this another bizarre punishment from Mike Shanahan. On the eve of a new era in Redskins football, it seems unusual that management would allow team personnel to go on the radio and divulge information that will only heighten the soap opera surrounding the team.

UPDATE: Redskins Insider notes that Mike Shanahan has often used 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers on the scout team leading up to games.