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Chris Cooley Is A Good Interview, Perhaps Too Good

Remember the days when Chris Cooley could get away with telling Elliot In The Morning stories about hooking up with Redskins cheerleaders and photographing his manhood?

Those days are no more. For two reasons. First, because Cooley signed with 106.7 The Fan this year to do a full hour every Friday afternoon with the LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes, and a half hour each Friday morning with the Sports Junkies. Second, because now Cooley has a coach who cares about this sort of thing.

Towards the end of the segment, the Junks asked Cooley the obligatory Albert Haynesworth question. Cooley responded quite honesty that Haynesworth has been taking a lot of reps with the scout squad this week. This led to Mike Shanahan spending much of the day doing damage controlling, telling the Washington Post that everyone gets scout team reps.

Sure, Mike.

We agree that players shouldn't tell the media too much. But if you're going to let your players do 90 minutes of live radio a week, you're bound to have a couple of issues.

As for the Junkies, we have this quote from Eric Bickel:

Classic Junks. Get a great guest on- get him in trouble. Story of our career.

Listen to the full segment here.