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Maryland Quarterbacks Danny O'Brien, C.J. Brown Suffer Injuries

Maryland's lopsided 62-3 win over Morgan State tonight was not without its shortcomings. The home team lost two quarterbacks to injuries amid a quarterback controversy that had already been gaining momentum in College Park.

Ralph Friedgen had intended on playing all three of his quarterbacks tonight, but unfortunately the team didn't get to see enough of some of them.

Redshirt freshman quarterback C.J. Brown suffered a broken collarbone early in the game, and will miss at least eight weeks, according to

Later in the game, after looking like the most impressive quarterback of the group, Danny O'Brien suffered a sprained ankle. The team has yet to announce a timetable for his return, but Friedgen indicated to the Washington Post that O'Brien could have returned to the game if necessary. You know, if Maryland hadn't already been up by half a century.

As for the sole survivor, Testudo Times was less than impressed with Jamarr Robinson.

Jamarr Robinson had two early TD passes and was 5-8 early on before throwing a terribly ugly interception and followed that up with a couple other ugly passes early on; when he left the game, he was 6-13 for 70 yards.

O'Brien looks to have taken the lead in the quarterback controversy for now. If he's healthy enough to play against West Virginia University next week, he seems to be likely starter.