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Cowboys Vs. Redskins Live Blog: Tony Romo Acts Confused, As Usual

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  • NBC pregame show featured a sit down with Tony Romo done by the Great Bob Costas. 
  • Costas plays word association with Romo. Costas: "Jerry Jones"   Romo: "Best Owner You could ever have" I think I threw up at that point. 
  • Costas then crosses up Romo with a William Perry word association, who is actually the President of Romo's alma mater Easter Illinios. Romo thinks Costas is talking about the Fridge. Romo suddenly has that same confused look he always has whenever he's in a big playoff game. Afterwards both joke that the interview not likely headed to archives. Agreed!
  • More importantly, Bob Costas sat down with Donovan McNabb. He said he did not know why Eagles traded him. "You would have to ask them."
  • McNabb says 33 is not old and gives him plenty of time to win a title with Mike Shanahan, mentioning that he sees Brett Favre playing well in 40's. "Goal is to win a Super Bowl, invidual accolades mean nothing." He obviously didn't see Favre play on Thursday.
  • Tony Dungy says he would NEVER trade his quarterback within division because they know too much about your team. He also coached Peyton Manning, so it must be real tough for him to understand such a scenerio. 
  • For what it is worth tonight: I will be a homer and take the Redskins 20-14. Too many injuries on that Dallas O-line, and I actually think Albert Haynesworth is going to be a HUGE "headache" for the Cowboys. I also look for the Skins to run the ball well with Clinton Portis, and I expect Donovan McNabb to be efficient spreading the ball around.
  • I love the burgandy home jerseys and gold pants, which look great in HD. This color scheme should not be surprising considering president Bruce Allen like many of us in the area grew up with this combination being the norm.