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Jim Riggleman Calls A Team Meeting Following The Sweep

According to Kristen Hudak of, Jim Riggleman and his coaches called a team meeting for the Nationals after the team was swept by the Florida Marlins earlier today.

With just three weeks remaining in the season, Riggleman expects better than the effort that has resulted in five straight losses for the Nationals.

Riggleman thought that his team gave a lackluster effort, one that warranted a team meeting where each coach spoke about giving a better effort for the remaining games.

"I just thought our energy level, our body language early in the game, was not up to the standards it's going to take for us to be a ballclub that goes to the next level. I just didn't feel like we were getting after it early," Riggleman said.

The team will head to Atlanta tomorrow where we'll find out if Riggleman's message had an effect on his players.