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Cowboys Vs. Redskins Live Blog: Donovan McNabb Looks Good

  • After Dallas made it look easy marching into Skins territory in four plays, the Skins D tightens up. Of course, Dallas helps w/consecutive passes to Dez Bryant, which go nowhere. The Cowboys punt. Well done by Haslett's crew. 
  • Skins first drive: Clinton Portis run for a short gain, Chris Cooley gets a two-yard gain, Donovan McNabb hooks up with Santana Moss for a first down and add 15 more thanks to Ratliff roughing passer. As McNabb converts on another third and long with a scramble, I could hear cursing coming from Philadelphia. 
  • NBC's Chris Collinsworth reminds us the Skins show more offense on first drive than they did entire game v. Dallas last year at Fedex. The drive stalls but Graham Gano gives Skins early 3-0 lead. Had they scored a touchdown on the drive, I was going to suggest searching for Super Bowl tickets.
  • The Cowboys are getting the ball out Romo's hands quickly. Clearly, they're protecting him because of that patch work O-line.
  • AWFUL Personal foul called on London Fltetcher to set up Cowboys on Skins 12 yard line. 
  • Overall, the offense only got one possession in the first quarter and the defense is a work in progress. They need to come up with some sacks or turnovers like they did in the preseason, or this is going to be a long, long night.