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Cowboys Vs. Redskins Live Blog: Thank You Dallas!

  • Again, Dallas provides a big assist to the Redskins D. A stupid pass interference penalty on Dez Bryant moves them from a third and short to a third and long. Dallas misses the field goal attempt, as new kicker Bueller, Bueller, Bueller pushes it wide right.
  • The Redskins did very little on offense the entire 2nd quarter
  • NBC runs a graphic of all the Snyder Coaches in his Skins tenure. Thanks Dick Ebersol! I was trying to move on tonght. It is a new era again ... the past in the past.
  • Interesting matchup between Andre Gurode and Albert Haynesworth. You might remember when Big Al stomped on a helmetless Gurorde's head  when playing for the Titans in 2006, in a move that would get him a five-game suspension from the NFL. In response, Guorde puts his hand on Haynesworth's helment.
  • A couple observations on the Papa Johns commerical: Dan Snyder is a natural actor ... ok, maybe not; Jerry Jones' face is a cautionary tale in plastic surgery, and if wasn't for Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers, he might top the list of worst all-time face lifts.
  • Jim Haslett dial up some unique blitzes and looks as Tony Romo continues to get the ball out quickly. Very un Romo like ... which is good for the Skins. The D has gotten better as the game has gone on. 
  • Maybe we should have seen this coming. Last year the two teams combined for 30 points in two games.
  • If the Redskins can pass the 17-point barrier, it would be the first time in Week 1 since the 2002 season.
  • Before half with NO Chance of scoring, the Cowboys gift wrap six for the Skins thanks to Tashard Choice's fumble!  Wow. What a dumb play from the sideline. Romo should have just thrown it away, and Choice must protect the ball. Thank you Dallas!