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Redskins Vs. Cowboys: Five Snap Judgments Of The 2010 Redskins After One Half

We've played one half of football in Landover, and the Redskins have a 10-0 lead on the Cowboys. The Cowboys have outgained the Redskins, but they've made some poor decisions deep in drives, the latest of which resulted in an improbable fumble recovery for a touchdown by DeAngelo Hall. The game hasn't always been pretty, but you can't argue with the scoreboard if you're a Redskins fan.

Anyway, because we can do these things, five snap judgements on the Redskins now that we've completed 1/32 of the NFL season.

  1. Donovan McNabb makes more plays than Jason Campbell: I personally liked Campbell fine, but the problem with him was that he was incapable of creating something when things broke down. McNabb hasn't had a great half, but he's proven that he can manufacture time in the pocket when he has to do so, which is often because of that offensive line. Speaking of ...
  2. The offensive line still needs work: McNabb was under pressure a lot, and that'll probably stay that way for most of the season. 
  3. Jim Haslett's defense will work: A lot of the Redskins' success has to do with Dallas' poor offensive line, but you have to love how Haslett has been able to create unique ways to get to Tony Romo. Expect a lot more turnovers this season.
  4. There might not be much offensive balance: McNabb historically likes to spread the ball around, but only Santana Moss and Chris Cooley have receptions in this game. Unfortunately for McNabb, the rest of the Redskins' receiving crew just isn't all that good.
  5. The Redskins won't beat themselves: The Redskins may not have great talent, but with Mike Shanahan at the helm, they shouldn't make too many boneheaded mistakes like the ones Dallas made. They will be disciplined and probably won't commit the kind of penalties that plagued them in the past.