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Cowboys Vs. Redskins Live Blog: The Tide Is Turning

  • Rodney Harrison on NBC at halftime was blown away by the Cowboys Stupidity, but hey the Skins will take it. 
  • Wade Phillips told Andrea Kramer that with four seconds left you just have to get down with the football. I guess this means the coach wasn't a fan of the Tony Romo flip and the Tashard Choice fumble.
  • Not surprisingly, Donovan McNabb and Chris Cooley already appear to have a good chemistry. McNabb has made many tight ends look good ,and Cooley has made Skins QBs look good over the years too.
  • Trent Williams getting high marks from Cris Collinsworth, and outside of a play or two so far he has held up well against DeMarcus Ware. 
  • New Coaching staff, same time management issues. Two burnt timeouts on the first drive of the half could be a problem later. You need to save one in case of a replay challenge.
  • The Redskins took three off the board thanks to a Dallas offsides penalty on a made field goal, which looked bad when Terrence Newman picked McNabb in end zone. Thankfully, that was called off because of illegal contact. That sets up first and Goal as Dallas self destructs again!
  • The Redskins regift that, as a bobbled snap by Josh Bidwell on a short field goal attempt costs them the three that they took off board. Could be huge ... Beer man! Also, two plays before the failed field goal attempt, Anthony Armstrong bobbled his chance at his first NFL TD.
  • Is Fred Davis at the stadium? Just sayin'
  • I hate the wlldcat. It's high school football, and it's lame. Unless you're the Dolphins of course.
  • Touchdown, Miles Austin. Reed Doughty bit on then run and did not help Carlos Rogers, who gave up the inside. Ugly, ugly blown coverage.