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Cowboys Vs. Redskins Live Blog: Three Cheers For The Redskins

  • A scary site for the Skins, as Brian Orakpo is on the ground and taken off the field early in the fourth quarter. Hopefully, it's just cramps.
  • As the Skins try to hang on early in the fourth quarter, it cannot be stated enough how Dallas has shot themselves in the foot all night long. Not just the big turnover, but lots of penalties that erased some big gains. 
  • Orakpo back in game. Phillip Buchanon, however, limped off
  • It's shocking that all-time Redskins killer Jason Witten has just ONE catch at the 10:50 mark. As I type, Witten makes big catch on 3rd and 11 for a first down, which is erased by holding penalty. Another bad penalty, followed by a false start, sets up a 3rd and 26. This is funny.
  • Santana Moss is now the punt returner with Buchanon sidelined and Brandon Banks inactive. I saw Antwan Randle El call for two fair catches today while flipping channels between games. I won't miss that.
  • Clinton Portis leveled Keith Brooking on a blitz pickup, but Santana Moss drops the sure first down. Wonder if Brooking will scream about that.
  • Donovan McNabb and Santana Moss have been a good combo tonight. Six catches for 77 yards for Moss. 
  • DeMarcus Ware goes down hard with 4:31 left a fter a collision with Larry Johnson's thigh.
  • Clinton Portis and the Mike Shanahan running game are warming up just in time.
  • Al Michaels is right to point out how stupid Dallas is for not burning a timeout before the two-minute warning. Makes no sense. 
  • Rookie mistake by Trent Williams, false starting on 3rd and 2 after Dallas appeared to flinch. The Redkins settle for the field goal and the six-point lead with 1:50 left
  • Jim Haslett has no idea what the prevent defense is, which fans should love because prevent prevents winning.
  • What a finish! The Redskins literally hold on, and you can't thank the Cowboys enough. Give the game ball to the Cowboys O-Line. 
  • Great start for the Shanahan Regime beating the hated rival. There's still lots of work needed, but a win is a great deodorant. As the late George Allen would say: "Three cheers for the Redskins!"